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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

TV Interviews and stock price rise

I wonder if any B-school student is doing a correlation analysis study between stock price increases and TV interviews. The moment a CEO or an analyst talks about a stock, there is heightened activity and the scrip usually begins its northward march.
Take the case of Subex systems - one of its promoters sold a 14 % stake and the stock was under some selling pressure. As soon as the CEO Subash Menon began to explain the move on the NDTV profit, the stock began to shoot up. It vaulted from Rs 398 to 440.. The explaination may have satisfied a kindergarten student but the resultant move upwards was very curious.
Then, on CNBC an analyst put a strong buy out on Ennore Foundries, the stock shot up from Rs 200 to Rs 215.
With the growing power of the media, i wonder if "TV Interview analysis" will one day rank on par with fundamental and technical analysis!


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